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帮助 bāng zhù: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

帮助 (bāng zhù) English Meaning

  • assistance
  • aid
  • to help
  • to assist

Traditional Characters: 幫助

帮 forms words in:

助 forms words in:

Sample Sentences

  • 我能帮助她。
    Wǒ néng bāngzhù tā.
    I was able to help her.
  • 她需要帮助。
    Tā xūyào bāngzhù.
    She is in need of help.
  • 我必须帮助她。
    Wǒ bìxū bāngzhù tā.
    I must help her.
  • 我请迈克帮助我。
    Wǒ qǐng màikè bāngzhù wǒ.
    I asked Mike to help me.
  • 他要求我帮助他。
    Tā yāoqiú wǒ bāngzhù tā.
    He asked me to help him.

Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 2 bang

帮 (bāng): to help; to assist; to support; for sb (i.e. as a help); hired (as worker); side (of pail, boat etc); outer layer; group; gang; clique; party; secret society

  •  (bāng): country; nation; state;
  •  (fēng): luxuriant; buxom; variant of |(fēng); variant of |(fēng); appearance; charm
  • () (fù): city
  •  (jīn): turban
hsk 2 zhu

助 (zhù): to help; to assist

  •  (qiě): moreover; yet; and; for the time being; to be about to; both (… and…)
  •  (lì): force

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