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大家好。Hello everyone.  我叫阿什莉。My name is Ashley. I’m the content creator and website developer behind  

The beauty and depth of the Chinese language ignited my passion for learning all I can. One of my favorite traditional characters is 聽 (tīng), it means “to listen,” and it’s made up of several components. The left side contains the radicals for ear 耳 and jade 王, a highly prized commodity in ancient China.  The right side combines 十 ten, 目 eye, 一 one, and 心 heart.  When you truly listen, you use your ears, make eye contact, and use your heart’s power of discernment. 

Isn’t 聽 (tīng) fascinating? Have I sparked an interest in learning in Mandarin you?   I hope so!

❥ My Goals

My Dream is for to become the Leader in offering Free Chinese Learning Materials.

What’s the Plan? To link together my original content and the free content of other creators, so that you can spend more time learning and less time looking for free content and resources.

I also have an interest in Biblical Chinese.  While this is not a religious platform, I have dedicated a portion of the site to persons who would enjoy learning its unique vocabulary.

❥ Our Official YouTube Trailer

…starring our “official” spokesperson, Van ❥, from Singapore:

❥ Chinese is Easier to Learn Than You Think

For starters, simple sentences follow the same grammar pattern as English.  Also, Chinese does not have true grammatical “cases” or “declensions.”  No masculine and feminine changes are present, and words remain the same whether they are singular or plural.  Several sources suggest that proficiency in the English language requires mastery of about 20,000 words.  In contrast, knowledge of about 5,000 words (comprised of about 3000 characters) is required for competence in Chinese.  

Unlike English, Chinese “recycles” just over 400 sounds repeatedly for all of its words!  Master the pronunciation of these sounds (along with the 4 tones), and you will instantly be able to pronounce every word that exists in the Chinese language!

❥ Have Questions or Suggestions?

Please Contact Me.  I would love to hear what content you would like to see in the future.

❥ COMMUNITY NOTICE: At times, I am unable to view videos posted on the site in their entirety.  If any video contains anything offensive, please let me know and the offending video WILL be removed.

We want to maintain a PG environment in which all are comfortable and feel welcomed.

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