大家好, I'm Ashley!

Founder of

If you know me personally, you know that I have had a love of the Chinese language for many years now.

After spending a small fortune trying to learn Chinese, I decided to create a website to help similarly minded individuals learn basic vocabularies and other helpful things without charge. 

I do not consider myself a teacher, but rather a fellow student who loves to share.

So far, I am most proud of this list of over 7,500 Vocabulary Words & Phrases. The list has native audio and includes everyday words and phrases, the names of countries, holidays, the bible (characters, books & subjects), and so much more!

I retired from secular work in 2005, after hurricane Katrina hit my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. 
In 2008, I relocated to North Carolina, where I now live with my husband, Barry and our Shih Tzu, Sophie Belle.  There is a huge Chinese population here!

There is no team here behind the computer, it is just me. I created from the ground up, teaching myself web design along the way. is my baby and, with your support, she will continue to grow!

It is truly my wish that my efforts will help you in some small way.

Please enjoy, and share the site with your friends!

照顾自己 (Take care)!

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