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Anki is a spaced repetition flashcard program that is invaluable to language learners. Using it helps you to remember more things in a smaller time frame.  Anki does this by presenting you with the words you don’t remember more often than those you do. New to Anki? Get the desktop and the phone apps here.  Want to create your own Anki decks?  I teach you how HERE.  Please report broken links.

Here I share my favorite decks with you, including the famous “Mastering Chinese Characters” series. These icons indicate what you can expect regarding the deck:

  • (S) – Simplified Characters
  • (T) – Traditional Characters
  • (S/T) – Both Simplified & Traditional Characters
  • ❤️ – Created by
  • 🔉 – Has Audio
  • 🔇 – No Audio
  • 🔗 – Link to Offsite Decks
  • 📝 – Measure Words/Classifiers
  • ✅ – Pinyin
  • 🀄️ – Radicals &/or Stroke Order
  • 🌈 – Tones Are Color Coded






Anki Decks, Printables, Recordings & Other Media ©2022  For your personal use only.  Do not reuse, redistribute, or repost in any manner without permission. Instead, please link to this page.

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