HSK 5 & HSK 6 VOCABULARY PAGES ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Stay tuned and enjoy the rest of the site, and HSK 1-4!

Announcements Archive

Missed an Announcement or Site Progress Report?  Find it below.  Entries are sorted by date, with the most recent first.  Links are still live.  Announcements over a year old will be deleted.

December 2020

  • 12/13/20 – A user reported that the HSK 2 Printable Duplex cards were printing outside the set margins.  This has been fixed.
  • 12/11/20 – We now have 74 HSK Practice Tests available!  Find them under HSK > “HSK Practice Tests” in the main menu.
  • 12/10/20 – Our “Printables” and “Anki” pages have been redesigned to be more user friendly.  The new design will allow for the expansion planned.  Please check them out!  Also, a user reported an error on the printable HSK 3 cut & fold cards.  The error is fixed.  Please let me know if you ever find an error on the site.  We don’t want any disappointment here. 🙂
  • 12/09/20 – Did you know that we have a Bofopomo Chart w/ Audio?  A downloadable PDF and videos are also available for your learning pleasure.  It is now easier to find in the main menu: Chinese Fundamentals > Bopofomo.
  • 12/08/20 – We are working to make pages load faster and are also making learning materials easier for you to find.  Some links are now only available in the main menu rather than appearing under photos on the home page.  Other pages will follow suit soon with many graphic elements being eliminated or reduced while maintaining the site’s beauty.  
  • 12/08/20 – We have started a GoFundMe Campaign to raise money to bring more free Chinese to you.  Please help us spread the word.  谢谢你!
  • 12/06/20 – Check out the new addition in the main menu: “Build Your Vocabulary.”  There you can learn not only Vocabulary but simple phrases as well. We will be updating this page on a regular basis.
  • 12/05/20 – HSK sample tests are now located under “HSK” in the main menu. YCT sample tests are now located under “YCT” in the main menu.
  • 12/03/20 – All our Tone Pairs Practice videos have been updated to include louder audio.
  • 12/02/20 – Looping audio is now available in our tables throughout the site.  This will allow you to hear the words again and again until you click to turn the audio off or click on another word. I would love your feedback as to how it is working on your end. Enjoy!

November 2020

  • 11/26/20 – Ep. 4 of “Lesson Pages with Barry!” is now available.  Check it out HERE.
  • 11/17/20 – Our first 2 Lesson Pages w/ Barry episodes have been released.  Follow us on social media or check this Announcement Board to find out when New Pages are released.
  • 11/12/20 – All of our HSK Vocabulary Pages have a “Links to All HSK Words” section that directs you to other words the character(s) appear in.  When viewing this section, please keep in mind that HSK 5 and 6 Vocabulary Pages are Under Construction, so those pages are incomplete. I am working very hard to finish the more than 3000 pages!
  • 11/10/20 – (FIXED) Updates to the site that occurred during my COVID-19 absence have broken many links in the HSK charts.  Work is now being done to fix this.  Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • 11/5/20 – Work is beginning on a still guided beginner’s course.  I am very excited about it.

August 2020

  • 08/12/20 – Work is continuing on HSK 5.  As it is 1300 words and I am one person, it is taking a bit longer than I hoped.  Stay tuned.

July 2020

  • 07/20/20 – By popular request “no right click” has been disabled so that you can copy and paste the “Chinese” into dictionaries, etc.
  • 07/20/20 – The link issues and other errors have been fixed on the tone pairs pages.  Thank you to the user who reported the issues to me.
  • 07/20/20 – Work on HSK 5  Vocabulary is still underway. Please stay tuned.   I have big dreams for this completely FREE site. 
  • 07/08/20 – By popular demand, we now have a video tutorial available here, which teaches you how to quickly create Anki flashcard decks with images using CSV files.
  • 07/04/20 – Two new “Learn All The Sounds of Pinyin video is available here. All Chinese words with the finals “ie” and “in” are represented in one video and the words with the finals “ing” “iong” and “iou” are in the other.  Enjoy!

June 2020

  • 06/26/20 – You may have noticed we have several new HSK sample tests available.  Actual tests from 2013 are in the process of being uploaded.  When complete, we will make an official announcement on the blog.
  • Much progress has been made on HSK 5 Vocabulary pages.  All the pictures and data is now ready for upload.  Stay tuned as I work to make this FREE site, the best possible.
  • 06/24/20 – A new video in our learn “Bible Mandarin” series (Part 5) is available here.
  • 06/23/20 – A new video in our learn “Bible Mandarin” series (Part 4) is available here.
  • 06/22/20 – A new “Learn All The Sounds of Pinyin video is available here. The finals “ian,” “iang” and “iao” are represented in the video.  Enjoy!
  • 06/18/20 – Please Note:  Links to HSK 5 and 6 vocab pages will not work as expected because the pages are under construction.  I apologize if you navigate to incomplete pages, it is necessary to have them live at times.  We appreciate your patience, and in the meantime, I hope you will enjoy other areas of the site.
  • 06/14/20 – Link issues with the HSK 1 Charts have been resolved.  Please continue to report any issues you have with the site so that they can be fixed for everyone’s enjoyment.
  • 06/11/20 – The HSK 1 Charts will be back soon, an update caused link problems.  For now, please enjoy the HSK 1 Word List and Vocabulary Pages. Thank you!
  • 06/04/20 – The navigation links at the bottom of HSK 4 Vocab pages have been fixed.  As always, please report any issues you have in viewing the site, we want everyone to have a pleasant experience and find what they are looking for.  Ashley 🙂
  • 06/02/20 – Simplified, Traditional and Pinyin Charts are now available for HSK 4!
    The navigation links at the bottom of some HSK 4 pages are not functioning as expected and are being troubleshot.  A fix is coming shortly.

May 2020

  • 05/31/20 – All HSK 4 Vocabulary Pages are now complete!  Enjoy!  The related Simplified and Traditional Charts will be released shortly.
  • 05/30/20 – Please let me know if you encounter any errors viewing the site as we have recently made some updates.  Thank you so much!
  • 05/25/20 – I have been working every spare hour to finish HSK 4 to free myself up to bring you more content.  I thought I would share my goal with you to motivate myself to get it done.  HSK 4 Vocabulary Pages will be finished one week from now!  I hope you are enjoying the site.  My teammate, Forget, is working hard on HSK 5 and 6 as well!
  • 05/13/20 – We have begun linking together HSK 1-3 Vocabulary Pages with HSK 4-6 Vocabulary Pages.  HSK 4-6 pages are still UNDER CONSTRUCTION, so please keep this in mind as you navigate the site.  Thank you!
  • 05/12/20 – In an effort to bring you an enhanced user experience, we are upgrading our web host/servers.  We anticipate this will take about 24 hours to complete.  
  • 05/08/20 – Work on HSK 5 and 6 Vocabulary pages has started.  We apologize if you fall on a page that has not yet been completed.  We have to make draft pages live at times to perform certain work.  Thanks fir your understanding and stay tuned for the official release.  This is a huge endeavor Forget Banda and I are undertaking!  We hope many will benefit.
  • Once HSK is completed many new lessons will be added!  Exciting stuff to come!
  • 05/07/20 – Over 400 Vocabulary Pages are now available for HSK 4. My teammate, Forget Banda, and I are hard at work behind the scenes to bring you more FREE Chinese.  Stay tuned!   
  • 05/07/20 – Check out our new Chinese Song Translation by UNINE’s 李振寧 Lǐ Zhènníng.

April 2020

  • 04/29/20 – Several new HSK 4 Vocabulary pages have been added.
  • 04/28/20 – I am excited to tell you that our first two quizzes are now available.  Quizzes will be available on their respective Lesson page, and grouped together on our new Quiz Time page (link in main menu).
  • 04/26/20 – Yesterday, I told you that quizzes are coming soon.  That was not the full story. Lesson pages are going to be amped up.  What does that mean? Along with the videos lessons already accessible, vocabulary charts with audio, Anki flashcard decks and/or quizzes will be added.  Check out our amped up Chinese Money Explained lesson here.  New lessons will also continue to be added.  Enjoy!
  • 04/25/20 – 300 of the 600 HSK 4 pages are now available.
  • 04/25/20 – Coming Soon!  Quizzes!
  • 04/18/20 – Many new HSK 4 Vocabulary pages have been released.
  • 04/15/20 – We now have 287 Tools & Resources for Chinese Learning, and the list is growing everyday.  Check them out, many are free.
  • 04/12/20 – Want to talk about the Corona Virus in Chinese? Check out our collection of videos here. We have also added a new song by Tank to our Chinese Song Translations page.
  • 04/10/20 – Our Resources & Tools Collection is quickly growing and now boasts 30 categories!
  • 04/10/20 – HSK 3 and HSK 4 Anki decks with Native Audio are now available in your choice of Simplified or Traditional characters.  A large deck that includes all HSKs words (Levels 1-6) is also available without audio.  The HSK 1-6 deck contains both S and T characters.  All new decks contain pinyin, English definitions and Classifiers (Measure Words).
  • 04/02/20 – To assist with my goal of providing #FreeChineseForAll, I am now on Patreon.  Please read about my goals in my new Blog post here.
  • 04/01/20 – I am so excited that our Resources & Tools section has outgrown the main menu. Its Category List now has its own page.  Check it out now here, there is something to help you on your Chinese Journey there!

March 2020

  • 03/30/20 – As promised, the book “Basic Theocratic Expression” has been retyped to fix typos and provide a crisp copy.  Print it on our completed Audio series page or our printables page, or read it online here.  The origin version of the book remains available as well.
  • 03/29/20 – Did you know our “Bible Vocabulary” pages have native audio for over 7,000 words. Most of them useful for general conversations unrelated to the Bible.
  • 03/28/20 – New Lesson pages being added daily.  Check them out.
  • 03/26/20 – More Lessons have been added.
  • 03/22/20 – Work is continuing on bringing you HSK 4 Vocabulary pages, and a newly typed “Basic Theocratic Expressions” book.  In the meantime, a few new lesson pages have been created and new videos released.  Videos are posted on the site, but be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to make sure you do not miss any of them.
  • 03/19/20 – 4 different sets of printable flashcards are now available for all HSK levels (1 -6).
  • 03/14/20 – Check our our New YCT materials using the main menu above.
  • 03/13/20 – Site has undergone an upgrade.  If it is not viewing correctly on mobile or tablet, try deleting your website “data” on your device so that the site will reload.
  • 03/12/20 – The New Resources pages are being optimized for mobile.  It will be completed in one day.
  • 03/10/20 – Check out our newly revised and expanded Measure Words section, complete with native audio.  An extensive list of Measure Words is also coming!
  • 03/09/20 – Click on “New! Resources” in the top main menu to explore many new tools and sources for you to learn Chinese free.
  • 03/02/20 – ALL audio has finally been uploaded to “Basic Theocratic Expressions (Bible Vocabulary).” Tell your friends and enjoy!

February 2020

  • 03/02/20 – HSK 4 Vocabulary pages are under construction.  Please Note: Links to them from HSK 1-3 Vocabulary pages will not function as expected. “Subscribe to Our Blog” to learn when HSK 4 is officially released.
  • 02/29/20 – Some of the RSS feed links were not working properly. These have been fixed.
  • 02/27/20 – Audio has been added to pages 121-138 of “Basic Theocratic Expressions (Bible Vocabulary).”
  • 02/23/20 – I received several emails from users using the “Contact Us” form on the site that were blank.  This issue has been resolved.  Please message me again if you have not heard from me.  Thanks!
  • 02/21/20 – All our Chinese Song Translation videos are now alphabetized by artist for your enjoyment of our ever growing library.
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