Conversational & Bible Vocabulary

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This list has over 7,500 words/phrases with audio on a variety of topics, including the names of countries, western holidays, the bible (characters, books & subjects), and so much more. It is based on the book “Basic Theocratic Expressions,” which you can download below.   Here are useful tips:

  • The search box accepts English and Chinese.
  • Please allow several seconds for pages to load between searches as this glossary is huge.
  • Hover over a word and then click on the “Term Page” link at the bottom. You can then scroll through the words using the “previous” and “next term” links at the bottom of each page.
  •  Trouble with audio on Safari?  Please switch your browser to Google Chrome.
[glossary cat="Basic Theocratic Expressions"]

Special thanks to this book's original creator.

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