Become a Fish by Who Knows Speaks to Wage Slaves

Chinese Artists Who Knows' Become a Fish

When you live in the states and don’t have access to “over the air” Chinese radio like me, services like Apple music are the next best thing. (UPDATE: Check out my Chinese Resources page dedicated to Chinese Radio & Music Streaming here.)

After spending some quality with Apple Music’s algorithm, I can honestly say its becoming my new best friend.  Recently, “it” suggested that I would enjoy “Become a Fish” by Who Knows (變成一隻魚, Biànchéng yī zhī yú by 胡鬧一番, Húnào yī fān).  It’s the theme song to a new Chinese workplace drama, “Wage Slave” (社畜時代, Shachiku jidai).  Its characters experience low salaries and high working hours while struggling to climb up the corporate ladder.  I have not seen it yet.

While “Become a Fish” may not be my new favorite song, it is extremely catchy.  Plus, the simplicity of the lyrics provides an excellent opportunity for an enjoyable Chinese lesson. Sing along with me using the Chinese, Pinyin or English translation in the video below.  

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Enjoy!  保重!

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