Best Alternative to Google Translate for Chinese

I have a love-hate relationship with Google Translate. 

To me, Google Translate is much like an “ex” that I have convinced myself is “the one.” Despite flaws that everyone else can see from outer space, I keep returning for more.

Google Translate is not all bad, though. At times, it is even accurate. As a language learner, however, I am always looking for more out of a “machine” translator.

The Linguistic Society of America published an excellent article on Machine translation. Among the many factors it listed that contribute to the difficulty of machine translation were:

  • words with multiple meanings,
  • sentences with multiple grammatical structures,
  • uncertainty about what a pronoun refers to, etc.
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Concerning Chinese, machine translation also has difficulty with cultural distinctions, slang, idioms, measure words, and contextual clues.

While searching for something else entirely, I accidentally fell on LingoCloud’s online translator. While it is new to me, I am completely convinced that it is superior to Google Translate. Here is an example translation:

Google Translate: I hope these arrangements will get your consent.
LingoCloud: I hope these arrangements will meet with your approval.

All I can say is, wow!

Perhaps the secret to LingoCloud’s superiority in Chinese machine translation is that it was created by Chinese natives. Whatever the reason for its greatness is, I am so happy to have found it! I hope you, dear friend, will benefit from having found it as well.

As always, take care!


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