Thankfulness Leads to Sharing & Joy: New Biblical Mandarin Video Series

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When I began my Mandarin Journey, a dear friend gave me anything she could to help me learn Chinese. You see, my friend is from Taiwan. Having immigrated to the United States after marrying, she well knew what was needed to learn a language. Her generosity sparked within me a desire to share everything that I could with other Chinese learners, and was born.

Amongst the items she gave me was the book “Basic Theocratic Expressions.” It was created by someone just like me. Its author wanted to help people learn to speak about the bible in Chinese without charge.

I quickly discovered that, although it is a biblical vocabulary list, much of it is useful to anyone. Among its offerings are adjectives galore, the names of countries, and things one would say in everyday conversation.  Personally, I enjoy talking about the bible, but if you don’t this list still has value.

The only thing missing from “Basic Theocratic Expressions” was audio. So, I quickly set out to remedy that for newbies like me. I am now happy to report that audio for the entire book is now available HERE.

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If you would like, you can also download the paperback HERE. As you will see, it has been copied quite a few times. I am happy to say, however, that the book is being retyped as you read this. 😅 A crisp copy will be available very soon, so please stay tuned.


How many times I have heard that a picture is worth “a thousand words.”  So, I am in the process of creating picture associations for every vocabulary word.  If the word is an abstract thought, you will still have something pretty to look at.  Sneak peeks of my work are already being shared on social media.

A new Biblical Mandarin video series is also in production, and I am pleased to release the first installment below.  It is also available on our YouTube channel and on our website HERE.


Later, flashcards will be developed.  As I am one person, please let me know if you would like to help make that happen sooner. I encourage you to subscribe to the blog so that you will be among the first to learn when these new learning materials are released.

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