Create Anki Decks Quickly Using CSV

It can be very time consuming to create cards within Anki. My new 4-part video series will have you creating cards at warp speed.

The secret is uploading a CSV file containing your card information directly into Anki. CSV is a file format used by spreadsheet programs, such as Excel, Libre Office, etc.

If you want to kick your cards up a notch by adding audio, I will show you how to:

1. Split an MP3 into multiple segments using the free program, Audacity.

2. Name them correctly so that Anki can read them; and

3. How to add the split audio files into your CSV file.

New to Anki? Anki is the King of spaced repetition flashcards; it learns how well you know the information and then prioritizes it accordingly. Gone are the days of wasting time focusing on things you have already mastered.

Get the desktop and the phone apps HERE. I am not an Anki affiliate. I just love them.

Now that you have Anki download one of our free decks HERE, including the famous “Mastering Chinese Characters” series.

Happy learning! 保重。

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