Free HSK 1 Chinese Writing Practice Sheets Now Available

Free Chinese Writing Practice Sheets Available for HSK 1

FREE Printable HSK 1 Chinese Writing Practice Sheets are now available for every HSK 1 Vocabulary word!  


Chinese characters are made up of strokes. In order to write a character properly, these strokes must be written in the proper order. All of’s HSK Vocabulary pages contain stroke order pictures to assist you.  Most online Chinese dictionaries and apps also contain stroke order pictures and/or animation.  You may also find this free printable useful:  Stroke Order Rules.

In order to write Chinese well, you must write each new character over and over again (using the proper stroke order) until you feel comfortable with it. Generally, this means writing each character at least 50 to 100 times. This is really the only way to get them right! Plus, you are not alone, Chinese children also learn this way.

After tracing two sample characters, you will be well on your way to writing perfection as you fill the page.  Blank sheets in three different sizes, as well as a printable 14 page packet that includes practice lines for all HSK 1 words are also available on the page linked at the outset of this post and on our printables page here.  

Want even more writing practice?  Check out our HSK 2 Vocabulary practice sheets HERE.

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Happy character writing!  


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