Totally FREE HSK Vocabulary Flashcards PDFs

The best things in life are entirely free.

They say “to raise a child; it takes a village.” In a similar vein, at, we believe “to learn a language; it takes a community.” One willing to share and lend a hand to all its members. That is why is now and will always be free.

We are thrilled to announce that free printable pdf flashcards are available for all HSK Vocabulary levels. You can print them directly from our site, or download the files for your use offline.

You may wish to create and customize cards yourself, using the free downloadable flashcard templates also available.

Need tips on how to create flashcards quickly using Word? We have you covered there as well. You can find our tutorial below and on the Printable Flashcards page.

We appreciate your support and thank you for your small donations when you are able.

Happy learning!

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2 thoughts on “Totally FREE HSK Vocabulary Flashcards PDFs”

  1. Hey, thank you’re for the flashcards. But, they have water marks that makes it difficult to use, read or print. 谢谢 你.

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