“From Now On” I am a Gen Neo Fan

Geo Neo 梁根榮, a native of Singapore, started his career as a composer and producer in South Korea. In late 2016, he decided to enter the MandoPop arena. Although he is based in Seoul and speaks three languages, he plans to focus his singing on Mandarin.  I am glad he made that choice as his voice is beautiful. 

In an article related to his debut, The Straits Times quoted him as saying, “My style is very urban R&B, which is quite different from the usual Mandopop ballads. There is nothing wrong with what’s available on Mandopop now, of course, but I hope to bring a different, trendier sound to the arena.”  Thus, I am anxious to hear his creations. 

One of his latest singles is “From Now On” 從今以後.  Although I find the song a bit sad, his vocal range is spectacular.  Sing along with me using the Chinese, Pinyin or English translation in my latest lyric video available below.  

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