Go For Love Faraway With Taiwan’s “Falling Into You”

No doubt you can agree that 2020 has been absolutely crazy!  Never before did I even consider entering a bank fully masked.  Meanwhile, my Viki.com subscription largely went to waste as I had much bigger fish to fry.  I have to agree with netizens who feel like we are trapped in Jumanji.  

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During a much-needed diversion, I discovered that two of my favorite Taiwanese stars, Jiro Wang and Puff Guo, have a new drama out, “Falling Into You” (因為我喜歡你, lit. Because I like You).  

Puff stars as Chen ZiTong, a woman who holds multiple menial jobs after her Taekwondo Olympic dreams were shattered by a knee injury.  If you saw Puff as the bubbly Cheng Liang Liang in “Just You,” this role is quite the opposite so far.  Chen ZiTong is bitter and never smiles.  Who can blame her though?  Her jealous “best” friend delivered the injurious blow, stole her boyfriend and replaced Chen ZiTong as her coach/mother’s star athlete. 

Meanwhile, the self-made CEO, Fang ZhiSheng (Jiro Wang), successfully runs his start up delivery company, GoGo Van.  ZiTong lands a job as a courier at GoGo Van and quickly gets ZhiSheng’s attention and a promotion.  Jiro shines as a comedic actor and I think this works well here to offset ZiTong’s cold demeanor.  

By all outward appearances, ZhiSheng is together.  Beneath his charming persona, however, he is hiding a debilitating weakness.  Due to a childhood trauma, he faints at the site of blood.  ZiTong’s fighting mastery and ZhiSheng’s hemophobia create situations in which ZiTong must become his savior, a “dame in shining armor” if you will.  

ZiTong though needs a protector too and may find that in ZhiSheng as he encourages her to seek rehabilitation and return to the sport she loves.

Jiro not only stars in the drama, but sings the ending theme, “Go For Love Faraway” 捨近求遠.  Hear it now below and sing along with Pinyin subs and an English translation for your learning enjoyment.

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Enjoy!  保重!

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