God-Given Voices: Angela Chang & Aaron Yan

While scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled upon 炎亚纶 Aaron Yan & 张韶涵 Angela Chang singing 说些什么 “Say Something” & 没离开过 “I Surrender.”

I am just blown away by this duet.  They sound beautiful together!  The performance was part of a new music program by 浙江卫视 Zhejiang Satellite TV called 天赐的声音 “God-Given Voice.” During each episode, four powerful singers perform as viewers attempt to find “the voice given by God.”

The full version of the show is on Saturday evenings in China. Malaysian audiences can look for it at 20:30 on Monday evenings, and Taiwanese viewers can watch it at 20:30 on Thursday evenings.

If you are in the United States, you can view the program on Zhejiang Satellite TV’s YouTube channel HERE.  Once there, just copy and paste these characters: 天赐的声音 and place them in the channel’s search box.

My enjoyment of Aaron and Angela’s performance lead me to the extended “Mandarin” versions of these songs:

  • 说些什么 “Say Something” by 陈杰瑞 Jeric T ft. 刘明湘 Rose Liu; and 
  • 没离开过 “I Surrender” 张韶涵 by Angela Chang.

I wanted to sing along, and thought you may enjoy that too.  So, I created lyric videos for all three versions that include Chinese, English and Pinyin.

You can find my creations below, on the “Chinese Song Translations” page of my website, and on my YouTube channel: Mandarin Mania. Enjoy!

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