“Half of Me” is Wholly Good

If you follow me then you know I am a huge Jiro Wang fan (汪东城 / Wāng Dōng Chéng). Why, when there are plenty of better and younger Chinese entertainers? Because he makes me smile. My introduction to Chinese entertainment was years ago, and it was Jiro Wang staring back at me from my TV screen. For me, he is nostalgic, and when I watch him, I get the same warm and fuzzy feeling I get from the smells that still linger in my childhood home.

Back in 2013, Taiwan released the drama “Fabulous Boys” 原來是美男 starring Jiro as the male lead, Huang Tai Qing 黃泰慶. “Fabulous Boys” is a remake of the wildly successful 2009 Korean drama “You’re Beautiful” 미남이시네요 starring the incredibly talented Jang Keun-suk 장근석 .

Both dramas follow Gao Mei Nu 高美女, an aspiring nun, who naively agrees to masquerade as her brother to advance his music career when he is ill. Hijinks ensue leading Tai Jing and Mei Nu down a pathway to love.

In today’s MandoPop lyric video, Jiro sings “Half of Me” 半个人 (literally “half person”) from the original soundtrack of “Fabulous Boys.” Its sad lyrics make for an entertaining learning experience.

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