How to Browse Netflix By Genre & Easily Find Chinese Content

Chances are you feel like me when you are browsing Netflix. Although they boast 1000s of titles, I am presented with the same 100 or so shows in every last row of the home page. Their new “play something” feature isn’t any better. It has yet to pick something I actually want to watch.

When you add the “Chinese” element to your browsing, things may go even further downhill.

No worries.  Here I will share two ways in which you can uncover appealing shows no matter what language you are searching for titles in. 

Please Note:  All of these methods require an active Netflix subscription and you must be logged in to browse titles.



Genre Codes, also called “secret codes,” allow Netflixers to deep dive into the world of Netflix categories. A Google search of “Netflix secret codes” will bring up several websites, but by far the most comprehensive list can be found on 

In the example below, I typed the word “Action” into their search box. This yielded 12 subcategories to refine my search further:

If you are using a computer, you can click on any of the results to jump to Netflix. When I clicked on “Action & Adventure,” it brought me straight to that category on Netflix:

Although this method works flawlessly on computers, you have to do things a bit differently on a mobile device.


The Problem:  When you click on the “code links” provided by such sites as, you are either brought to Netflix’s main page, or your cellphone attempts to dial the “genre code” as if it were a telephone number.

The Fix: Instead of using the links provided on code websites, type this into your phone’s web browser:

Just replace “INSERTNUMBER” with the “genre code” you want to browse. There is a complete list of codes here.   For example, the code for “Action & Adventure” is 1365. To view it on a mobile device, type the following into your phone’s browser:


While the “Genre Code” method does allow you to find Chinese content. I find more enjoyable, plus it works on both computers and mobile devices. is not just for foreign films, you can use it to browse Netflix’s entire catalog.’s search engine allows you to decide whether you want to include both movies and series in your results. You can also specify the release dates you are interested in or search by movie’s title. The “available in my country” box is also very useful, especially if you are using a VPN whilst traveling.

Here is a screenshot of what happened when I typed “Chinese” into the search box. As you can see, the tool suggested several subcategories to choose from. Best of all, you can browse within the tool and then click on a movie poster to view the movie on Netflix.

Finally, if you have a Netflix account and are actively learning any language, click here to learn about a powerful free Google Chrome extension that allows you to view two sets of subtitles at once using Netflix.  

Enjoy! 请享受 (Qǐng xiǎngshòu)!

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