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八 bā: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 1

八 (bā) English Meaning

  • eight
  • 8

Traditional Character:

八 is only found in HSK 1.

Sample Sentences

  • 他八点上床睡觉。
    Tā bā diǎn shàngchuáng shuìjiào.
    He goes to bed at eight o’clock.
  • 四乘以二等于八。
    Sì chéng yǐ èr děngyú bā.
    Four multiplied by two is eight.
  • 八除以二等于四。
    Bā chú yǐ èr děngyú sì.
    Eight divided by two is four.
  • 现在八点钟。
    Xiànzài bā diǎn zhōng.
    It’s eight o’clock.
  • 十减二等如八。
    Shí jiǎn èr děng rú bā.
    Subtract two from ten and you have eight.

Stroke Order & Character Components

八 (bā): eight / separate

  • (bā): eight / separate
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