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爸爸 bàba: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 1

爸爸 (bàba) English Meaning

  • father (informal)

Traditional Characters: 爸爸

爸 is only found in HSK 1.

Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • 个 (gè)
  • 位 (wèi)

Sample Sentences

  • 你爸爸在哪里?
    Nǐ bàba zài nǎlǐ?
    Where’s your father?
  • 爸爸回家了。
    Bàba huí jiāle.
    Father came home.
  • 他是我爸爸。
    Tā shì wǒ bàba.
    He is my daddy.
  • 卢克, 我不是你爸爸。
    Lú kè, Wǒ bùshì nǐ bàba.
    Luke, I am not your father.

Stroke Order & Character Components

爸 (bà): father; dad; pa; papa

  • (fù): father
  • (bā): to long for; to wish; to cling to; to stick to; sth that sticks; close to; next to; spread open; informal abbreviation for bus 巴士 (bā shì); bar (unit of pressure); nominalizing suffix on certain nouns, such as 尾巴 (wěi ba), tail
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