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她 tā: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 1

她 (tā) English Meaning

  • she or her

Traditional Character:  

Sample Sentences

  • 她跑。
    Tā pǎo.
    She runs.
  • 她相信他。
    Tā xiāngxìn tā
    She trusts him.
  • 她正忙。
    Tā zhèng máng.
    She’s busy.
  • 她下楼。
    Tā xià lóu.
    She was coming down the stairs.
  • 她恨他。
    Tā hèn tā.
    She hated him.
  • 她痛哭。
    Tā tòngkū.
    She wept bitterly.

Stroke Order & Character Components

她 (tā): she

  • (nǚ): woman
  • (yě): also; too; (in Classical Chinese) final particle implying affirmation
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