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好 hǎo: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 1

好 (hǎo) English Meaning

  • good
  • well
  • proper
  • good to
  • easy to
  • very
  • so
  • (suffix indicating completion or readiness)
  • (of an unmarried couple) to be close
  • to be keen on each other

Traditional Character:  

This character forms words in:

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Sample Sentences

  • 想得好!
    Xiǎng dé hǎo!
    Good thinking!
  • 我好累。
    Wǒ hǎo lèi.
    I’m so tired!
  • 好美味!
    Hǎo měiwèi!
    So tasty!
  • 问得好。
    Wèn dé hǎo.
    Good question.
  • 好暗。
    Hǎo àn.
    It was so dark.
  • 月光好亮。
    Yuèguāng hǎo liàng.
    The moon’s so bright.

Stroke Order & Character Components

好 (hǎo): good; well; proper; good to; easy to; very; so; (suffix indicating completion or readiness); (of an unmarried couple) to be close; to be keen on each other

  •  (nǚ): woman
  •  (zi): child
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