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妈妈 māma: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 1

妈妈 (māma) English Meaning

  • mum
  • mama
  • mommy
  • mother

Traditional Characters: 媽媽

Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • 個|个 (gè)
  • 位 (wèi)

Sample Sentences

  • 这是我亲爱的妈妈。
    Zhè shì wǒ qīn’ài de māmā.
    This is my dear mother.
  • 你是我妈妈。
    Nǐ shì wǒ māmā.
    You are my mother.
  • 我妈妈很漂亮。
    Wǒ māmā hěn piàoliang.
    My mother is beautiful.
  • 她是你妈妈吗?
    Tā shì nǐ māmā ma?
    Is she your mother?
  • 我不是您妈妈。
    Wǒ bùshì nín māmā.
    I’m not your mother.
  • 妈妈骂马吗?
    Māmā mà mǎ ma?
    Is Mother scolding the horse?

Stroke Order & Character Components

妈 (mā): mom; ma; mother

  • 妈 (mā): mom; ma; mother
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