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有 yǒu: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 1

有 (yǒu) English Meaning

  • to have
  • there is
  • there are
  • to exist
  • to be

Traditional Character:  

Sample Sentences

  • 有多宽?
    Yǒu duō kuān?
    How wide is it?
  • 有罢工。
    Yǒu bàgōng.
    There’s a strike.
  • 你有吗?
    Nǐ yǒu ma?
    Do you have one?
  • 有火吗?
    Yǒu huǒ ma?
    Have you got a light?
  • 有海岛。
    Yǒu hǎidǎo.
    There are islands in the sea.
  • 票房有票。
    Piàofáng yǒu piào.
    Tickets are available at the box office.

Stroke Order & Character Components

  • 𠂇: hand
  • (yuè): moon
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