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Free HSK 1 Lessons w/ Yoyo Chinese

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YoYo Chinese…What’s Free?

The first 20 lessons of their Beginner Conversational Course are free, as are the first few lessons of her intermediate and character courses.  Yoyo Chinese’s download center will provide you with a Pinyin Pronunciation Cheat Sheet, a Time Words Cheat Sheet, Yoyo’s 20 Essential Tone Pairs Chart, as well as an audio demonstration of the words contained on the Tone Pairs Chart.

She boasts one of the best Pinyin charts in my opinion, as she provides video instruction for the harder to pronounce sounds.

Signing up free will also get you three free ebooks:  Top 10 Most Common Mistakes Made by English Speakers, Chinese Measure Words and Top 10 Common Questions Asked by Chinese People.

You can also check out their YouTube Channel here where there are many free videos available.


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