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弟弟 dì di: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

弟弟 (dì di) English Meaning

  • younger brother

Traditional Characters: 弟弟

Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • 個|个 (gè)
  • (wèi)

Sample Sentences

  • 他是我弟弟。
    Tā shì wǒ dìdì.
    He’s my younger brother.
  • 你有弟弟吗?
    Nǐ yǒu dìdì ma?
    Do you have younger brothers?
  • 你有两个弟弟。
    Nǐ yǒu liǎng gè dìdì.
    You have two younger brothers.
  • 我弟弟很富有。
    Wǒ dìdì hěn fùyǒu.
    My brother is rich.
  • 我弟弟在看电视。
    Wǒ dìdì zài kàn diànshì.
    My younger brother is watching TV.
  • 他比他的弟弟高。
    Tā bǐ tā de dìdì gāo.
    He is taller than his little brother.

Stroke Order & Character Components

弟 (dì): younger brother; junior male; I (modest word in letter)

  •  (ha): eight / separate
  •  (gōng): bow
  •  (gǔn): line
  • 丿 (piě): oblique
  •  (diào ): to hang, suspend
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