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打篮球 dǎ lán qiú: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

打篮球 (dǎ lán qiú) English Meaning

  • play basketball

Traditional Characters: 打籃球

Sample Sentences

  • 我喜欢打篮球。
    Wǒ xǐhuān dǎ lánqiú.
    I like to play basketball.
  • 打篮球很有趣。
    Dǎ lánqiú hěn yǒuqù.
    Basketball is very fun to play.
  • 迈克喜欢打篮球。
    Màikè xǐhuān dǎ lánqiú.
    Mike likes to play basketball.
  • 我们昨天打篮球。
    Wǒmen zuótiān dǎ lánqiú.
    We played basketball yesterday.
  • 我们明天不打篮球。
    Wǒmen míngtiān bù dǎ lánqiú.
    We will not play basketball tomorrow.
  • 让我们放学后打篮球。
    Ràng wǒmen fàngxué hòu dǎ lánqiú.
    Let’s play basketball after school.

Stroke Order & Character Components

打 (dǎ): to beat; to strike; to hit; to break; to type; to mix up; to build; to fight; to fetch; to make; to tie up; to issue; to shoot; to calculate; to play (a game); since; from

  •  (shou): hand
  •  (dīng): fourth of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干(shí tiān gān); fourth in order; letter ‘D’ or roman ‘IV’ in list ‘A, B, C’, or ‘I, II, III’ etc..; butyl; cubes (of food)

篮 (lán): basket; goal

  •  (shì): bamboo
  •  (jiān): hard; strong; solid; firm; to supervise; to inspect; jail; prison
  • : unidentified strokes
  •  (zhú): bamboo
  •  (mǐn): container

球 (qiú): ball; sphere; globe; CL:個|个(gè); ball game; match; CL:場|场(chǎng)

  •  (yù): jade
  •  (qiú): to seek; to look for; to request; to demand; to beseech
  •  (yī): one
  •  (zhǔ): stroke
  •  (shuǐ): water
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