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觉得 jué de: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

觉得 (jué de) English Meaning

  • to think
  • to feel

Traditional Characters: 覺得

PLEASE NOTE: 觉 is also pronounced jiào is other HSK levels.

Sample Sentences

  • 我觉得冷。
    Wǒ juédé lěng.
    I feel cold.
  • 你觉得累吗?
    Nǐ juédé lèi ma?
    Do you feel tired?
  • 我觉得是你。
    Wǒ juédé shì nǐ.
    I think that it’s you.
  • 你觉得怎么样?
    Nǐ juédé zěnme yàng?
    What do you think of it?
  • 你觉得幸运吗?
    Nǐ juédé xìngyùn ma?
    Do you feel lucky?
  • 我觉得工作很忙?
    Wǒ juédé gōngzuò hěn máng?
    I think the work is very busy.

Stroke Order & Character Components

觉 (jué): to feel; to find that; thinking; awake; aware

  • ⺍ (xiǎo): small
  • 冖 (mì): to cover
  • 见 (jiàn): to see

得 (dé): to obtain; to get; to gain; to catch (a disease); proper; suitable; proud; contented; to allow; to permit; ready; finished

  •  (chì): walk around
  •  (dàn): dawn; morning; day-break; day
  •  (cùn): thumb
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