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起床 qǐ chuáng: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

起床 (qǐ chuáng) English Meaning

  • to get up

Traditional Characters: 起床

起 forms words in:

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床 forms words in:

Sample Sentences

  • 起床!
    Get out of bed.
  • 她七点起床。
    Tā qī diǎn qǐchuáng.
    She gets up at seven.
  • 他七点起床。
    Tā qī diǎn qǐchuáng.
    He gets up at seven.
  • 我六点起床。
    Wǒ liù diǎn qǐchuáng.
    I get up at six.
  • 她晚了起床。
    Tā wǎnle qǐchuáng.
    She got up late.
  • 你几点起床?
    Nǐ jǐ diǎn qǐchuáng?
    When do you get up?

Stroke Order & Character Components

起 (qǐ): to rise; to raise; to get up; to set out; to start; to appear; to launch; to initiate (action); to draft; to establish; to get (from a depot or counter); verb suffix, to start; (before place or time) starting from; classifier for occurrences or unpredictable events: case, instance; classifier for groups: batch, group

  • (zǒu): to walk
  • (jǐ): personal

床 (chuáng): bed; couch; classifier for beds; CL: 張|张(zhāng)

  • 广 (guǎng): shelter
  •  (mù): tree

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  • 对不起 (duì bu qǐ): I’m sorry; excuse me; pardon me; if you please; sorry? (please repeat); unworthy; to let down

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*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

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