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近 jìn: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

近 (jìn) English Meaning

  • near
  • close to
  • approximately

Traditional Character:  

Sample Sentences

  • 已近午夜了。
    Yǐ jìn wǔyèle.
    It’s almost midnight.
  • 他年近四十。
    Tā nián jìn sìshí.
    He is near forty.
  • 他年近六十。
    Tā nián jìn liùshí.
    He is close to sixty.
  • 汤姆住得离公司并不近。
    Tāngmǔ zhù dé lí gōngsī bìng bù jìn.
    Tom doesn’t live near his office.

Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 2 jin

近 (jìn): near; close to; approximately

  •  (chuò): brisk walking
  •  (jīn): ax / 500 grams
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