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铅笔 qiān bǐ: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

铅笔 (qiān bǐ) English Meaning

  • (lead) pencil

Traditional Characters: 鉛筆

铅 is only found in HSK 2.

笔 forms words in:

Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • (zhī)
  • (zhī)
  • (gǎn)

Sample Sentences

  • 请用铅笔写。
    Qǐng yòng qiānbǐ xiě.
    Please write with a pencil.
  • 你有铅笔吗?
    Nǐ yǒu qiānbǐ ma?
    Do you have a pencil?
  • 这是一支铅笔。
    Zhè shì yī zhī qiānbǐ.
    This is a pencil.
  • 那是一支铅笔。
    Nà shì yī zhī qiānbǐ.
    That is a pencil.
  • 我能借支铅笔吗?
    Wǒ néng jièzhī qiānbǐ ma?
    Could I borrow a pencil?
  • 他手里拿着铅笔。
    Tā shǒu lǐ názhe qiānbǐ.
    He took a pencil in his hand.

Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 2 qian copy

铅 (qiān): lead (chemistry)

  •  (jīn): gold / metal
  •  (yǎn): symbol of eight mouths
hsk 2 bi copy

笔 (bǐ): pen; pencil; writing brush; to write or compose; the strokes of Chinese characters; classifier for sums of money, deals; CL: 支(zhī), 枝(zhī)

  •  (shì): bamboo
  •  (máo): fur

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