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丈夫 zhàng fu: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

丈夫 (zhàng fu) English Meaning

  • husband

Traditional Characters: 丈夫

丈 is only found in HSK 2.

夫 forms words in:

HSK 2, HSK 4 and HSK 6.  CLICK HERE to jump to the list.

Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • 個|个 (gè)

Sample Sentences

  • 她与丈夫离婚。
    Tā yǔ zhàngfū líhūn.
    She divorced her husband.
  • 她恨她的丈夫。
    Tā hèn tā de zhàngfū.
    She hated her husband.
  • 她丈夫睡得很熟。
    Tā zhàngfū shuì dé hěn shú.
    Her husband was sound asleep.
  • 她不喜欢她的丈夫。
    Tā bù xǐhuān tā de zhàngfū.
    She disliked her husband.
  • 她取笑了她的丈夫。
    Tā qǔxiàole tā de zhàngfū.
    She made fun of her husband.

Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 2 zhang

丈 (zhàng): measure of length, ten Chinese feet (3.3 m); to measure; husband; polite appellation for an older male

  •  (yī): one
  •  (shí): ten
  •  (yòu): still / hand
hsk 2 fu

夫 (fū): husband; man; manual worker; conscripted laborer (old)

  •  (yī): one
  •  (dà): big

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  • 夫妇(fū fù):  a (married) couple; husband and and wife; CL:  对(duì)
  • 夫人(fū ren):  lady; madam; Mrs.; CL:  位(wèi)

*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

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