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从 cóng: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

从 (cóng) English Meaning

  • from
  • via
  • passing through
  • through

Traditional Character:  

This character forms words in:

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Sample Sentences

  • 从窗旁走开。
    Cóng chuāng páng zǒu kāi.
    Get away from the window.
  • 风从北边来。
    Fēng cóng běibian lái.
    The wind is blowing from the north.
  • 他从杭州来。
    Tā cóng hángzhōu lái.
    He comes from Hangzhou.
  • 我正从花园来。
    Wǒ zhèng cóng huāyuán lái.
    I’m coming from the garden.
  • 他从日内瓦来。
    Tā cóng rìnèiwǎ lái.
    He comes from Geneva.

Stroke Order & Character Components

从 (cóng): from; via; passing through; through (a gap); past; ever (followed by negative, meaning never); (formerly pronounced (zòng) and related to 縱|纵) to follow; to comply with; to obey; to join; to engage in; adopting some mode of action or attitude; follower; retainer; accessory; accomplice; related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor

  •  (rén): man
  •  (rén): man

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