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咖啡 kā fēi: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

咖啡 (kā fēi) English Meaning

  • coffee

Traditional Characters: 咖啡

咖 and 啡 are only found in HSK 2.

Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • 杯 (bēi)

Sample Sentences

  • 咖啡还是茶?
    Kāfēi háishì chá?
    Coffee or tea?
  • 我讨厌咖啡。
    Wǒ tǎoyàn kāfēi.
    I hate coffee.
  • 喝点咖啡吗?
    Hē diǎn kāfēi ma?
    Will you have some coffee?
  • 我啜饮咖啡。
    Wǒ chuài yǐn kāfēi.
    I sipped the coffee.
  • 咖啡是冷的。
    Kāfēi shì lěng de.
    The coffee is cold.
  • 我喜欢咖啡。
    Wǒ xǐhuān kāfēi.
    I like coffee.

Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 2 ka

咖 (kā): coffee; class; grade

  •  (kǒu): mouth
  •  (jiā): to add; plus; (used after an adverb such as , , etc., and before a disyllabic verb, to indicate that the action of the verb is applied to sth or sb previously mentioned); to apply (restrictions etc.) to (sb); to give (support, consideration etc.) to (sth)
  •  (lì): force
  •  (kǒu): mouth
hsk 2 fei copy

啡 (fēi): (phonetic component for (co)ffee)

  •  (kǒu): mouth
  •  (fēi): not, negative, non-; oppose
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