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姐姐 jiě jie: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

姐姐 (jiě jie) English Meaning

  • older sister

Traditional Characters: 姐姐

This character forms words in:

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Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • 個|个 (gè)

Sample Sentences

  • 学学你姐姐。
    Xué xué nǐ jiějiě.
    Follow the example of your sister.
  • 他有三个姐姐。
    Tā yǒusān gè jiějiě.
    He has three older sisters.
  • 我要见你姐姐。
    Wǒ yào jiàn nǐ jiějiě.
    I want to see your older sister.
  • 我有两个姐姐。
    Wǒ yǒu liǎng gè jiějiě.
    I have two older sisters.
  • 她是我的姐姐。
    Tā shì wǒ de jiějiě.
    She is my older sister.
  • 我还有个姐姐。
    Wǒ hái yǒu gè jiějiě.
    I have another sister.

Stroke Order & Character Components

  •  (nǚ): woman
  •  (qiě): moreover; yet; and; for the time being; to be about to; both (… and…)

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