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每 měi: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

每 (měi) English Meaning

  • each
  • every

Traditional Character:  

每 is only found in HSK 2.

Sample Sentences

  • 火车每站都停。
    Huǒchē měi zhàn dōu tíng.
    The train stops at every station.
  • 每条狗都活着。
    Měi tiáo gǒu dōu huózhe.
    Every dog is alive.
  • 这班火车每站都停。
    Zhè bān huǒchē měi zhàn dōu tíng.
    This train stops at every station.
  • 每条规则都有例外。
    Měi tiáo guīzé dōu yǒu lìwài.
    There are exceptions to every rule.
  • 我每两天洗一次澡。
    Wǒ měi liǎng tiān xǐ yīcì zǎo.
    I take a bath every other day.

Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 2 mei
  • : unidentified strokes
  •  (mǔ): mother
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