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贵 guì: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 2

贵 (guì) English Meaning

  • expensive
  • noble
  • your (name)
  • precious

Traditional Character:  

贵 forms words in:

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Sample Sentences

  • 太贵了吧!
    Tài guìle ba!
    It’s too expensive!
  • 这个不贵。
    Zhège bù guì.
    It isn’t expensive.
  • 哪个比较贵?
    Nǎge bǐjiào guì?
    Which one is more expensive?
  • 精装书很贵。
    Jīngzhuāng shū hěn guì.
    Hardcover books are expensive.
  • 火车票贵吗?
    Huǒchē piào guì ma?
    Are the train tickets expensive?
  • 可是太贵了!
    Kěshì tài guìle!
    But it’s too expensive!

Stroke Order & Character Components

贵 (guì): expensive; noble; your (name); precious

  •  (zhōng): within; among; in; middle; center; while (doing sth); during; (dialect) OK; all right
  •  (yī): one
  •  (bèi): shell / money

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  • 贵(guì):  expensive; noble; your (name); precious

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