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为 wèi: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

为 (wèi) English Meaning

  • because of
  • for
  • to

Traditional Character:  

This character forms words in:

HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5 and HSK 6.  CLICK HERE to jump to the list.

Sample Sentences

  • 请先为他上菜。
    Qǐng xiān wèi tā shàng cài.
    Please serve him his meal first.
  • 我为你充当导游。
    Wǒ wèi nǐ chōngdāng dǎoyóu.
    I’ll act as a guide for you.
  • 请让我为你拍照。
    Qǐng ràng wǒ wèi nǐ pāizhào.
    Please let me take your picture.
  • 该隐为夏娃所生。
    Gāi yǐn wèi xiàwá suǒ shēng.
    Cain was born to Eve.
  • 他被判为重罪犯。
    Tā bèi pàn wéi zhòng zuìfàn.
    He was convicted of a felony.
  • 这是我能为您做的。
    Zhè shì wǒ néng wéi nín zuò de.
    This is what I can do for you.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

为 (wèi): because of; for; to

  •  (zhǔ): stroke
  •  (lì): force
  •  (zhǔ): stroke

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HSK 5 Word List

  • 行为(xíng wéi):  behavior; conduct; activity; action
  • 作为(zuò wéi):  one’s conduct; deed; activity; accomplishment; achievement; to act as; as (in the capacity of); qua; to view as; to look upon (something as); to take something to be

HSK 6 Word List

*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

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