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北方 běi fāng: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

北方 (běi fāng) English Meaning

  • north
  • the northern part a country
  • China north of the Yellow River

Traditional Characters: 北方

北 forms words in:

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方 forms words in:

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Sample Sentences

  • 南部邦联被北方打败了。
    Nánbù bānglián bèi běifāng dǎbàile.
    The Confederacy was defeated by the northern states.
  • 北方的大荒原地广人稀。
    Běifāng de dà huāngyuán dì guǎng rén xī.
    The wasteland of the north is scarcely populated.
  • 公司想把总部设在北方。
    Gōngsī xiǎng bǎ zǒngbù shè zài běifāng.
    The company wants to situate its headquarters in the north.
  • 一股冷锋正从北方向这里移动。
    Yī gǔ lěngfēng zhèng cóng běifāngxiàng zhèlǐ yídòng.
    A cold front is moving in from the north.
  • 一阵冷飕飕的秋风从北方吹来。
    Yīzhèn lěngsōusōu de qiūfēng cóng běi fāng chuī lái.
    A gust of chilly autumn wind is blowing from the north.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

bei copy

北 (běi): north; to be defeated (classical)

  • ㅕ (xxx): (man turning his back)
  • 匕 (bǐ): spoon / man overthrown
hsk 3 fang

方 (fāng): square; power or involution (mathematics); upright; honest; fair and square; direction; side; party (to a contract, dispute etc); place; method; prescription (medicine); just when; only or just; classifier for square things; abbr. for square or cubic meter

  •  (fāng): square, direction

Links to all HSK Words & Lists Containing 北

HSK 1 Word List

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HSK 6 Word List

  • 北极 (běi jí): the North Pole; the Arctic Pole; the north magnetic pole
  • 南辕北辙 (nán yuán běi zhé ): to act in a way that defeats one’s purpose (idiom)

*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

Links to all HSK Words & Lists Containing 方

HSK 3 Word List

  • 北方(běi fāng): north; the northern part a country; China north of the Yellow River
  • 地方(dì fang): region; regional (away from the central administration)
  • 方便(fāng biàn): convenient; to help out; to make things easy for people; convenience; suitable; having money to spare; (euphemism) to go to the toilet

HSK 4 Word List

HSK 5 Word List

  • 大方(dà fāng): generous; tasteful; stylish; easy-mannered
  • 对方(duì fāng): counterpart; other person involved; opposite side; other side; receiving party
  • 方(fāng): square; power or involution (mathematics); upright; honest; fair and square; direction; side; party (to a contract, dispute, etc.); place; method; prescription (medicine); upright or honest; just when; only or just; classifier for square things; abbreviation for square or cubic meter
  • 方案(fāng àn): plan (for action); program (for action, etc.); proposal; proposed bill; CL: 個|个(gè)
  • 方式(fāng shì): way (of life); pattern; style; mode; manner; CL: 個|个(gè)
  • 平方(píng fāng): square (as in square foot, square mile, square root)
  • 双方(shuāng fāng): bilateral; both sides; both parties involved

HSK 6 Word List

  • 比方(bǐfang): instance; example
  • 方位(fāng wèi): direction; points of the compass; bearing; position; azimuth
  • 方言(fāng yán): dialect
  • 方圆(fāng yuán ): circumference
  • 方针(fāng zhēn): policy; guidelines; CL: 個|个(gè)
  • 官方(guān fāng): official; (by the) government
  • 立方(lì fāng): cube
  • 千方百计(qiān fāng bǎi jì): lit. thousand ways, a hundred plans (idiom); by every possible means
  • 想方设法(xiǎng fāng shè fǎ): to think up every possible method (idiom); to devise ways and means; to try this, that and the other

*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

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