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发烧 fā shāo: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

发烧 (fā shāo) English Meaning

  • have a high temperature (from illness)
  • have a fever

Traditional Characters: 發燒

发 forms words in:

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烧 forms words in:

Sample Sentences

  • 你没发烧。
    Nǐ méi fāshāo.
    You don’t have a fever.
  • 汤姆没有发烧。
    Tāngmǔ méiyǒu fāshāo.
    Tom doesn’t have a fever.
  • 他发烧满脸通红。
    Tā fāshāo mǎn liǎn tōnghóng.
    Fever flushed his cheeks.
  • 我觉得你有发烧。
    Wǒ juédé nǐ yǒu fāshāo.
    I think you have a fever.
  • 我今天有点发烧。
    Wǒ jīntiān yǒudiǎn fāshāo.
    I have a slight fever today.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 3 fa

发 (fā): to send out; to show (one's feeling); to issue; to develop; to make a bundle of money; classifier for gunshots (rounds)

  • 𠂇: hand
  • 丶 (zhǔ): stroke
  • 又 (yòu): still / hand
hsk 3 shao

烧 (shāo): to burn; to cook; to stew; to bake; to roast; to boil (tea, water, etc.); fever

  • 火 (huǒ): fire
  • 戈 (gē): halberd
  • 几 (jǐ): table

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HSK 5 Word List

  • 发表(fā biǎo): to publish; to issue; to put out; to issue (a statement);
  • 发愁(fā chóu): to worry; to fret; to be anxious; to become sad
  • 发达(fā dá): developed (country, etc.); flourishing; to develop
  • 发抖(fā dǒu): to tremble; to shake; to shiver; to shudder; tremulous
  • 发挥(fā huī): to display; to exhibit; to bring out implicit or innate qualities; to express (a thought or moral); to develop (an idea); to elaborate (on a theme)
  • 发明(fā míng): to invent; invention; CL: 個|个(gè)
  • 发票(fā piào): invoice; receipt or bill for purchase
  • 发言(fā yán): to make a speech; statement; utterance
  • 开发(kāi fā): exploit (a resource); open up (for development); to develop
  • 启发(qǐfā): to enlighten; to explain and arouse interest; to inspire; inspiration; heuristic (attributively); to teach; CL: 個|个(gè)

HSK 6 Word List

  • 颁发(bān fā): to issue; to promulgate; to award
  • 爆发(bào fā): to break out; to erupt; to explode; to burst out
  • 迸发(bèng fā): to burst out; to gush; to spurt
  • 发布(fā bù): to release; to issue; to announce; to distribute; also written 發发布(fā bù)
  • 发财(fā cái): to get rich
  • 发呆(fā dāi): to daydream; lost in thought
  • 发动(fā dòng): to start; to launch; to unleash; to mobilize; to arouse
  • 发觉(fā jué): to find; to detect; to discover
  • 发射(fā shè): to shoot (a projectile); to fire (a rocket); to launch; to emit (a particle); to discharge; emanation; emission
  • 发誓(fā shì): to vow; to pledge; to swear
  • 发行(fā xíng): to publish; to issue (stocks, currency, etc.); to release; to distribute (a film)
  • 发炎(fā yán): inflamed from infection or injury; inflammation
  • 发扬(fā yáng): to develop; to make full use of
  • 发育(fā yù): to develop; growth; development
  • 激发(jī fā): to arouse; to excite
  • 批发(pī fā): wholesale; bulk trade; distribution
  • 散发(sàn fā): distribute; emit; issue
  • 蒸发(zhēng fā): to evaporate; evaporation
  • 自发(zì fā): spontaneous

*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

Links to all HSK Words & Lists Containing 烧

HSK 3 Word List

HSK 5 Word List

  • 燃烧(rán shāo): to ignite; combustion; flaming; kindle
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