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影响 yǐng xiǎng: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

影响 (yǐng xiǎng) English Meaning

  • influence
  • effect
  • to influence
  • to affect (usually adversely)
  • to disturb

Traditional Characters: 影響

影 forms words in:

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响 forms words in:

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Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • (gǔ)

Sample Sentences

  • 经济低潮会影响薪水。
    Jīngjì dīcháo huì yǐngxiǎng xīnshuǐ.
    Hard times affect salary.
  • 酒精对司机的影响很大。
    Jiǔjīng duì sījī de yǐngxiǎng hěn dà.
    Alcohol has a very bad effect on drivers.
  • 这些杂志对小孩的影响很大。
    Zhèxiē zázhì duì xiǎohái de yǐngxiǎng hěn dà.
    These magazines have a great influence on children.
  • 车辆增多会影响到城市的环境。
    Chēliàng zēngduō hui yǐngxiǎng dào chéngshì de huánjìng.
    An increase in the number of cars will affect the urban environment.
  • 这是冲淡它的影响的唯一办法。
    Zhè shì chōngdàn tā de yǐngxiǎng de wéi yī bànfǎ.
    That is the only way to water down its influence.
  • 其他人的期望会影响我们的行为。
    Qítā rén de qīwàng huì yǐngxiǎng wǒmen de xíngwéi.
    Other peoples’ expectations affect how we behave.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

影 (yǐng): picture; image; film; movie; photograph; reflection; shadow; trace

  • 日 (rì): sun
  • 京 (jīng): capital city of a country; big; algebraic term for a large number (old); artificial mound (old)
  • 彡 (shān): beard / brush

响 (xiǎng): echo; sound; noise; to make a sound; to sound; to ring; loud; classifier for noises

  • 口 (kǒu): mouth
  • 向 (xiàng): towards; to face; to turn towards; direction; to support; to side with; shortly before; formerly; always; all along

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  • 影响 (yǐng xiǎng): influence; effect; to influence; to affect (usually adversely); to disturb; CL:股 (gǔ)

HSK 5 Word List

*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

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  •  (xiǎng): to make a sound; to sound; to ring; loud; classifier for noises

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*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

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