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必须 bì xū: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

必须 (bì xū) English Meaning

  • to have to
  • must
  • compulsory
  • necessarily

Traditional Characters: 必須

必 forms words in:

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须 forms words in:

Sample Sentences

  • 你必须走。
    Nǐ bìxū zǒu.
    You must leave.
  • 我必须吃药。
    Wǒ bìxū chī yào.
    I have to take medicine.
  • 你必须去做。
    Nǐ bìxū qù zuò.
    You must do it.
  • 我必须拒绝。
    Wǒ bìxū jùjué.
    I have to say no.
  • 您必须排队。
    Nín bìxū páiduì.
    You have to wait in line.
  • 你必须去上学
    Nǐ bìxū qù shàngxué
    You have to go to school.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 3 bi

必 (bì): certainly; must; will; necessarily

  • 心 (xīn): heart
  • 丿 (piě): oblique
hsk 3 xu

须 (xū): to have to; must; to wait

  • 彡 (shān): beard / brush
  • 页 (yè): head / leaf

Links to all HSK Words & Lists Containing 必

HSK 3 Word List

HSK 5 Word List

  • 必然(bì rán): inevitable; certain; necessity
  • 必要(bì yào): necessary; essential; indispensable; required
  • 何必(hé bì): there is no need; why should
  • 未必(wèi bì): not necessarily; maybe not

HSK 6 Word List

  • 势必(shì bì): is bound to (happen)
  • 务必(wù bì): must; to need to; to be sure to

Links to all HSK Words & Lists Containing 须

HSK 3 Word List

HSK 6 Word List

  • 胡须(hú xū): beard; CL: 根(gēn), 绺(liǔ)
  • 须知(xū zhī): prerequisites; rules that must be known before starting something
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