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突然 tū rán: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

突然 (tū rán) English Meaning

  • sudden
  • abrupt
  • unexpected

Traditional Characters: 突然

突 forms words in:

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然 forms words in:

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Sample Sentences

  • 计划突然改变。
    Jìhuà túrán gǎibiàn.
    There was a sudden change of plan.
  • 突然开始下雨。
    Túrán kāishǐ xià yǔ.
    All of a sudden, it began raining.
  • 突然肃静下来。
    Túrán sùjìng xiàlái.
    There was a sudden hush.
  • 天突然转阴了。
    Tiān túrán zhuǎn yīnle.
    All of a sudden the sky became overcast.
  • 她突然笑了起来。
    Tā túrán xiàole qǐlái.
    All of a sudden, she began to laugh.
  • 天空突然变暗了。
    Tiānkōng túrán biàn ànle.
    All of a sudden the sky became dark.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

突 (tū): to dash; to move forward quickly; to bulge; to protrude; to break through; to rush out; sudden; Taiwan pronunciation is "tú."

  • 穴 (xué): cave / swing door
  • 犬 (quǎn): dog

然 (rán): correct; right; so; thus; like this; -ly

  • (yuè): flesh
  • (quǎn): dog
  • (biāo): fire, legs

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  • 突出(tū chū): prominent; outstanding; to give prominence to; to protrude; to project

HSK 6 Word List

  • 冲突(chōng tū): conflict; to conflict; clash of opposing forces; collision (of interests); contention
  • 突破(tū pò): to break through; to make a breakthrough; to surmount or break the back of (a task, etc.); (of ball sports) to break through a defense

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