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结婚 jié hūn: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

结婚 (jié hūn) English Meaning

  • to marry
  • to get married

Traditional Characters: 結婚

结 forms words in:

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婚 forms words in:

Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • (cì)

Sample Sentences

  • 我没有结婚。
    Wǒ méiyǒu jiéhūn.
    I am not married.
  • 我不要结婚。
    Wǒ bùyào jiéhūn.
    I don’t want to get married.
  • 他们要结婚。
    Tāmen yào jiéhūn.
    They want to get married.
  • 我们结婚吧!
    Wǒmen jiéhūn ba!
    Let’s get married.
  • 他想立刻结婚。
    Tā xiǎng lìkè jiéhūn.
    He wants to get married right away.
  • 他结婚是为了钱。
    Tā jiéhūn shì wèile qián.
    He married for money.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

结 (jié): knot; sturdy; bond; to tie; to bind; to check out (of a hotel)

  • 纟(sī): silk
  • 吉(jí): lucky; giga- (meaning billion or 10^9)

婚 (hūn): to marry; marriage; wedding; to take a wife

  • 女(nǚ): woman
  • 氏(shì): clan
  • 日(rì): sun

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