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脚 jiǎo: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

脚 (jiǎo) English Meaning

  • foot
  • leg (of an animal or an object)
  • base (of an object)
  • classifier for kicks

Traditional Character:  

脚 is only found in HSK 3.

Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • (shuāng)
  • (zhī)

Sample Sentences

  • 我的脚痛。
    Wǒ de jiǎo tòng.
    My foot hurts.
  • 医生在检查脚。
    Yīshēng zài jiǎnchá jiǎo.
    The doctor is examining the foot.
  • 他故意踩我的脚。
    Tā gùyì cǎi wǒ de jiǎo.
    He stepped on my foot on purpose.
  • 她试图把脚放进马镫里。
    Tā shìtú bǎ jiǎo fàng jìn mǎdèng lǐ.
    She tried to put her foot into the stirrup.
  • 他受伤的脚又开始流血了。
    Tā shòushāng de jiǎo yòu kāishǐ liúxuèle.
    His wounded leg began to bleed again.
  • 他的脚生了坏疽,必须截除。
    Tā de jiǎo shēngle huàijū, bìxū jié chú.
    When gangrene set in, his foot had to be amputated.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 3 jiao 3
  • 月(yuè): flesh
  • 去(qù): to go; to go to (a place); to cause to go or send (somebody); to remove; to get rid of; (when used either before or after a verb) to go in order to do something; to be apart from in space or time; (after a verb of motion indicates movement away from the speaker); (used after certain verbs to indicate detachment or separation); (of a time or an event, etc.) just passed or elapsed
  • 卩(jié): seal
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