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草 cǎo: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

草 (cǎo) English Meaning

  • grass
  • straw
  • manuscript
  • draft (of a document)
  • careless
  • rough

Traditional Character:  

This character forms words in:

Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • (kē)
  • (zuǒ)
  • (zhū)
  • (gēn)

Sample Sentences

  • 我躺在草地上。
    Wǒ tǎng zài cǎodì shàng.
    I lied on the grass.
  • 草被露水打湿了。
    Cǎo bèi lùshuǐ dǎ shīle.
    The grass was wet with dew.
  • 不要走在草地上。
    Bùyào zǒu zài cǎodì shàng.
    Stay off the grass.
  • 蛇卷曲在深草中。
    Shé juǎnqū zài shēncǎo zhōng.
    The snake curled up in the long grass.
  • 草上沾满了露珠。
    Cǎo shàng zhān mǎnle lùzhū.
    The grass was sprinkled with dew.
  • 马在草地上吃草。
    Mǎ zài cǎodì shàng chī cǎo.
    The horses are eating grass on the grassland.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 3 cao
  • 艹 (cao): vegetable
  • 早 (zǎo): early; morning; Good morning!; long ago; prematurely;

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HSK 3 Word List

  • 草(cǎo): grass; straw; manuscript; draft (of a document); careless; rough; CL: 棵(kē), 撮(zuǒ), 株(zhū), 根(gēn)

HSK 6 Word List

  • 草案(cǎo àn): draft (legislation, proposal, etc.)
  • 草率(cǎo shuài): careless; negligent; sloppy; not serious
  • 起草(qǐcǎo): draft (a bill); draw up (plans)
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