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西 xī: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

西 (xī) English Meaning

  • west

Traditional Character:  西

This character forms words in:

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Sample Sentences

  • 离这儿最近的公共厕所在西街。
    Lí zhè’er zuìjìn de gōnggòng cèsuǒ zài xī jiē.
    The nearest public conveniences are on West Street.
  • 贵族住在故宫的东边和西边。
    Guìzú zhù zài gùgōng de dōngbian hé xībian.
    Aristocrats lived to the east and west of the imperial palace.
  • 他们俩一个往东,一个往西。
    Tāmen liǎ yīgè wǎng dōng, yīgè wǎng xī.
    Of the two of them, one heads east and one heads west.
  • 东也好,西也好,还是家最好。
    dōng yě hǎo, xī yě hǎo, háishì jiā zuì hǎo.
    East or west, home is best.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

西 (xī): west

  • 西 (xi): lid

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