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跟 gēn: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

跟 (gēn) English Meaning

  • heel
  • to follow closely
  • to go with
  • to marry somebody (of woman)
  • with
  • towards
  • as (compared to)
  • from (different from)
  • and (in addition to)

Traditional Character:  

This character forms words in:

Sample Sentences

  • 她跟我同年。
    Tā gēn wǒ tóngnián.
    She and I are the same age.
  • 我跟她不熟。
    Wǒ gēn tā bù shú.
    I’m not acquainted with her.
  • 跟我进房间。
    Gēn wǒ jìn fángjiān.
    Follow me into the room.
  • 请跟我说实话。
    Qǐng gēn wǒ shuō shíhuà.
    Be kind enough to tell me the truth.
  • 跟他们一起去!
    Gēn tāmen yīqǐ qù!
    Go with them.
  • 我跟他去钓鱼。
    Wǒ gēn tā qù diàoyú.
    I’m going fishing with him.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 3 gen
  • 足 (zú): foot
  • 艮 (gěn): decided

Links to all HSK Words & Lists Containing 跟

HSK 3 Word List

  • 跟(gēn): with (someone); towards; as (compared to); and (in addition to); heel; to follow closely; to go with; to marry somebody (of woman)

HSK 6 Word List

  • 跟前(gēn qián): in front of; close to; nearby; the time just before
  • 跟随(gēn suí): to follow
  • 跟踪(gēn zōng): to follow somebody’s tracks; to tail; to shadow
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