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选择 xuǎn zé: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

选择 (xuǎn zé) English Meaning

  • to select
  • to pick
  • choice
  • option
  • alternative

Traditional Characters: 選擇

选 forms words in:

择 forms words in:

Sample Sentences

  • 做出您的选择。
    Zuò chū nín de xuǎnzé.
    Make your choice.
  • 汤姆做出了选择。
    Tāngmǔ zuò chūle xuǎnzé.
    Tom made a choice.
  • 似乎没有别的选择。
    Sìhū méiyǒu bié de xuǎnzé.
    There appears to be no alternative.
  • 我们没有别的选择。
    Wǒmen méiyǒu bié de xuǎnzé.
    We don’t have another choice.
  • 你应该小心选择朋友。
    Nǐ yīnggāi xiǎoxīn xuǎnzé péngyǒu.
    You should be careful in your choice of friends.
  • 我必须在两者中选择。
    Wǒ bìxū zài liǎng zhě zhòng xuǎnzé.
    I have to pick one of them.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 3 xuan

选 (xuǎn): to choose; to pick; to select; to elect

  • 辶 (chuò): brisk walking
  • 先 (xiān): first; early; prior; former; in advance
hsk 3 ze

择 (zé): to select; to choose; to pick over; to pick out; to differentiate; to eliminate; also pronounced "zhái."

  • 扌 (shou): hand
  • 又 (yòu): still / hand
  • 二 (èr): two
  • 丨 (gǔn): line

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