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饿 è: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 3

饿 (è) English Meaning

  • to be hungry
  • hungry

Traditional Character:  

This character forms words in:

Sample Sentences

  • 我好饿!
    Wǒ hǎo è!
    I’m so hungry.
  • 我很饿。
    Wǒ hěn è.
    I am hungry.
  • 他不饿。
    Tā bù è.
    He isn’t hungry.
  • 我不饿。
    Wǒ bù è.
    I am not hungry.
  • 我现在非常饿。
    Wǒ xiànzài fēicháng è.
    I’m very hungry now.
  • 我肚子非常饿。
    Wǒ dùzi fēicháng è.
    I’m so hungry.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 3 e

饿(è): to be hungry; hungry

  • 饣 (shí): to eat
  • 我 (wǒ): I or me; my;

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