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The HSK 3 Vocabulary List contains 300 words. The links in the table will bring you to the word’s Vocabulary Page where you can explore the word further.

Please Note:  The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Level 4 is equivalent to HSK Level 3.  

NOTICE: Our HSK Pages are undergoing major renovation to make way for the new Official HSK Word List coming later in the year.  Once updated are completed, you will have access to both the new and the old HSK lists. Audio files are also being updated. Thank you for your patience.
amodal particle ending sentence, showing affirmation, approval, or consent
阿姨ā yí阿姨maternal aunt; step-mother; childcare worker; nursemaid; woman of similar age to one's parents (term of address used by child); CL: 个(ge)
ǎilow; short (in length)
爱好ài hào愛好interest; hobby; appetite for; CL: 个(ge)
安静ān jìng安靜quiet; peaceful; calm
to hold; to contain; to grasp; to take hold of; a handle; particle marking the following noun as a direct object; classifier for objects with handle
bānto move; to shift; to remove; to transport; to apply indiscriminately; to copy mechanically
bānteam; class; squad; work shift; classifier for groups; ranking; surname Ban; CL: 个(ge)
bànhalf; semi-; incomplete; (after a number) and a half
办法bàn fǎ辦法means; method; way (of doing something); CL: 条(tiáo), 个(ge)
办公室bàn gōng shì辦公室an office; business premises; a bureau; CL: 间(jiān)
帮忙bāng máng幫忙to help; to lend a hand; to do a favor; to do a good turn
bāoto cover; to wrap; to hold; to include; to take charge of; package; wrapper; container; bag; to hold or embrace; bundle; packet; to contract (to or for); surname Bao; CL: 个(ge), 只(zhī)
bǎoto eat till full; satisfied
bèiby (indicates passive-voice sentences or clauses); quilt; to cover (literary)
北方běi fāng北方north; the northern part a country; China north of the Yellow River
笔记本bǐ jì běn筆記本notebook; CL: 本(běn)
比较bǐ jiào比較compare; contrast; fairly; comparatively; relatively; quite; rather
比赛bǐ sài比賽competition (sports etc.); match; CL: 场(chǎng), 次(cì)
必须bì xū必須to have to; must; compulsory; necessarily
鼻子bí zi鼻子nose; CL: 个(ge), 只(zhī)
变化biàn huà變化change; variation; to change; to vary; CL: 个(ge)
别人bié rén別人others
冰箱bīng xiāng冰箱icebox; freezer cabinet; refrigerator; CL: 台(tái), 个(ge)
不但/ 而且bù dàn / ér qiě不但/ 而且not only ... but also... 
菜单cài dān菜單menu; CL: 份(fèn), 张(zhāng)
参加cān jiā參加to participate; to take part; to join
cǎograss; straw; manuscript; draft (of a document); careless; rough; CL: 棵(kē), 撮(zuǒ), 株(zhū), 根(gēn)
cénglayer; stratum; laminated; floor (of a building); story; classifier for layers; repeated; sheaf (math.)
chàdiffer from; short of; to lack; poor
超市chāo shì超市supermarket (abbr.); CL: 家(jiā)
衬衫chèn shān襯衫shirt; blouse; CL: 件(jiàn)
城市chéng shì城市city; town; CL: 座(zuò)
成绩chéng jì成績achievement; performance records; grades; CL: 项(xiàng), 个(ge)
迟到chí dào遲到to arrive late
除了chú le除了besides; apart from (... also...); in addition to; except (for)
chuána boat; vessel; ship; CL: 条(tiáo), 艘(sōu), 只(zhī)
chūnspring (time); gay; joyful; youthful; love; lust; life
词典cí diǎn詞典dictionary (of Chinese compound words); CL: 部(bù), 本(běn)
聪明cōng ming聰明acute (of sight and hearing); clever; intelligent; bright; smart
打扫dǎ sǎo打掃to clean; to sweep
打算dǎ suàn打算to plan; to intend; to calculate; plan; intention; calculation; CL: 个(ge)
dàiband; belt; girdle; ribbon; tire; area; zone; region; to wear; to carry; to lead; to bring; to look after; to raise; CL: 条(tiáo)
担心dān xīn擔心anxious; worried; uneasy; to worry; to be anxious
蛋糕dàn gāo蛋糕cake; CL: 块(kuài), 个(ge)
当然dāng rán當然of course; without doubt; only natural; as it should be; certainly; 
de-ly; structural particle: used before a verb or adjective, linking it to preceding modifying adverbial adjunct; 
dēnglamp; light; lantern; CL: 盏(zhǎn)
地方dì fang地方region; regional (away from the central administration)
地铁dì tiě地鐵subway; metro
地图dì tú地圖map; CL: 张(zhāng), 本(běn)
电梯diàn tī電梯elevator; CL: 台(tái), 部(bù)
电子邮件diàn zǐ yóu jiàn電子郵件electronic mail; email; CL: 封(fēng)
dōngeast; host (i.e. sitting on east side of guest); landlord; surname Dong
动物dòng wù動物animal; CL: 只(zhī), 群(qún), 个(ge)
duǎnshort or brief; to lack; weak point; fault
duànparagraph; section; segment; stage (of a process); classifier for stories, periods of time, lengths of thread etc.
锻炼duàn liàn鍛煉to engage in physical exercise; to toughen; to temper
多么duō me多麼how (wonderful etc.); what (a great idea etc.); however (difficult it may be etc.)
饿èto be hungry; hungry
耳朵ěr duo耳朵ear; CL: 只(zhī), 个(ge), 对(duì)
to send out; to show (one's feeling); to issue; to develop; classifier for gunshots (rounds)
发烧fā shāo發燒have a high temperature (from illness); have a fever
发现fā xiàn發現to find; to discover
fàngto release; to free; to let go; to put; to place; to let out; to set off (fireworks)
方便fāng biàn方便convenient; to help out; to make things easy for people; convenience; suitable; having money to spare; (euphemism) to go to the toilet
放心fàng xīn放心to set one's mind at rest; to be at ease; to rest
fēnto divide; to separate; to allocate; to distinguish (good and bad); part or subdivision; fraction; one tenth (of certain units); unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm; minute; a point (in sports or games); 0.01 yuan (unit of money)
附近fù jìn附近(in the) vicinity; nearby; neighboring; next to
复习fù xí複習to revise; to review; revision; CL: 次(cì)
干净gān jìng乾淨neat and tidy; clean
感冒gǎn mào感冒to catch cold; (common) cold; CL: 次(cì)
感兴趣gǎn xìng qù 感興趣to be interested; 
刚才gāng cái剛才just now; a moment ago
个子gè zi個子height; stature; build; size
gēnwith (someone); towards; as (compared to); and (in addition to); heel; to follow closely; to go with; to marry somebody (of woman)
根据gēn jù根據according to; based on; basis; foundation; CL: 个(ge)
gèngmore; still more; even more
公斤gōng jīn公斤kilogram (kg)
公园gōng yuán公園public park; CL: 场(chǎng)
故事gù shi故事story; tale; narrative
刮风guā fēng刮風to be windy
guānto close; to shut; to turn off; mountain pass; to concern; to involve
关系guān xì關係relationship (network); relation; to concern; to affect; to have to do with; CL: 个(ge)
关心guān xīn關心to care for something; caring; concerned
关于guān yú關於pertaining to; concerning; regarding; with regards to; about; a matter of
guòto cross; to go over; to pass (time); to get along
国家guó jiā國家country; nation; state; CL: 个(ge)
过去guò qu過去(in the) past; former; previous; to go over; to pass by
害怕hài pà害怕to be afraid; to be scared
还是hái shì還是or; still; nevertheless
黑板hēi bǎn黑板blackboard; CL: 块(kuài), 个(ge)
后来hòu lái後來afterwards; later
护照hù zhào護照passport; CL: 本(běn), 个(ge)
huāflower; blossom; fancy pattern; florid; to spend (money, time) CL: 朵(duǒ), 支(zhī), 束(shù), 把(bǎ), 盆(pén), 簇(cù)
huàto draw; picture; painting; classifier for paintings, etc.; variant of 劃|划(huà) CL: 幅(fú), 张(zhāng)
huàibad; spoiled; broken; to break down; (suffix) to the utmost
huánto come back; to give back; to return; to pay back; surname Huan
huànto change (clothes, etc.); exchange; to substitute; to switch; to convert (currency)
环境huán jìng環境environment; circumstances; surroundings; ambient; CL: 个(ge)
欢迎huān yíng歡迎to welcome; welcome
黄河huáng hé 黃河Yellow River
回答huí dá回答to reply; to answer; the answer; CL: 个(ge)
会议huì yì會議meeting; conference; CL: 场(chǎng), 届(jiè)
或者huò zhě或者or; possibly; maybe; perhaps
extremely; pole (geography, physics); utmost; top
记得jì de記得to remember
几乎jī hū幾乎almost; nearly; practically
机会jī huì機會opportunity; chance; occasion; CL: 个(ge)
季节jì jié季節time; season; period; CL: 个(ge)
检查jiǎn chá檢查inspection; to examine; to inspect; CL: 次(cì)
简单jiǎn dān簡單simple; not complicated
健康jiàn kāng健康health; healthy
见面jiàn miàn見面to meet; to see somebody; CL: 次(cì)
jiǎngto explain; to speak; to negotiate; to emphasise; to be particular about; as far as something is concerned; speech; lecture
jiǎofoot; leg (of an animal or object); base (of an object); classifier for kicks; CL: 双(shuāng), 只(zhī)
jiǎohorn; angle; corner; horn-shaped; unit of money equal to 0.1 yuan; CL: 个(ge)
jiàoto teach
jiēto receive; to answer (the phone); to meet or welcome somebody; to connect; to catch; to join; to extend; to take one's turn on duty; take over for somebody
jièto lend; to borrow; excuse; pretext; by means of; to seize (an opportunity); to take (an opportunity)
街道jiē dào街道street; CL: 条(tiáo)
结婚jié hūn結婚to marry; to get married; CL: 次(cì)
解决jiě jué解決to settle (a dispute); to resolve; to solve
节目jié mù節目program; item (on a program); CL: 台(tái), 个(ge), 套(tào)
节日jié rì節日holiday; festival; CL: 个(ge)
结束jié shù結束to finish; to end; to conclude; to close; termination
经常jīng cháng經常day to day; everyday; daily; frequently; constantly; regularly; often
经过jīng guò經過to pass; to go through; process; course; CL: 个(ge)
经理jīng lǐ經理manager; director; CL: 个(ge), 位(wèi), 名(míng)
jiǔ(long) time; (long) duration of time
jiùold; opposite: new 新; former; worn (with age)
句子jù zi句子sentence; CL: 个(ge)
决定jué dìng決定to decide (to do something); to resolve; decision; certainly; CL: 个(ge), 项(xiàng)
quarter (hour); moment; to carve; to engrave; to cut; oppressive; classifier for short time intervals
可爱kě ài可愛amiable; cute; lovely
客人kè rén客人visitor; guest; customer; client; CL: 位(wèi)
空调kōng tiáo空調air conditioning
kǒumouth; classifier for things with mouths (people, domestic animals, cannons, wells etc.)
to cry; to weep
裤子kù zi褲子trousers; pants; CL: 条(tiáo)
筷子kuài zi筷子chopsticks; CL: 对(duì), 根(gēn), 把(bǎ), 双(shuāng)
lánblue; indigo plant
lǎoold (of people); venerable (person); prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity; experienced; of long standing; always; all the time; of the past; very; outdated; (of meat etc.) tough
离开lí kāi離開to depart; to leave
历史lì shǐ歷史History; CL: 门(mén), 段(duàn)
礼物lǐ wù禮物gift; present; CL: 件(jiàn), 个(ge), 份(fèn)
liǎnface; CL: 张(zhāng), 个(ge)
练习liàn xí練習exercise; drill; practice; CL: 个(ge)
liàngclassifier for vehicles
了解liǎo jiě了解to understand; to realize; to find out
聊天liáo tiān聊天to chat; to gossip
邻居lín jū鄰居neighbor; next door; CL: 个(ge)
留学liú xué留學to study abroad
lóuhouse with more than 1 story; storied building; floor; CL: 层(céng), 座(zuò), 栋(dòng)
horse; abbr. for Malaysia,CL: 匹(pǐ)
马上mǎ shàng馬上right away; at once; immediately; lit. on horseback
满意mǎn yì滿意satisfied; pleased; to one's satisfaction
帽子mào zi帽子hat; cap; CL: 顶(dǐng)
rice; meter (classifier); CL: 粒(lì)
面包miàn bāo麵包bread; CL: 片(piàn), 袋(dài), 块(kuài)
明白míng bai明白to understand (clearly); to realize; clear; obvious; unequivocal
to hold; to seize; to catch; to apprehend; to take
奶奶nǎi nai奶奶(informal) father's mother; paternal grandmother; CL: 位(wèi)
nándifficult (to...); problem; difficulty; difficult; not good
难过nán guò難過feel sorry; be grieved
年级nián jí年級grade; CL: 个(ge)
年轻nián qīng年輕young
niǎobird; CL: 只(zhī), 群(qún)
努力nǔ lì努力great effort; to strive; to try hard
爬山pá shān爬山to climb a mountain; to mountaineer; hiking; mountaineering
盘子pán zi盤子plate; tray; dish
pàngfat; plump
啤酒pí jiǔ啤酒beer; CL: 杯(bēi), 瓶(píng), 罐(guàn), 桶(tǒng), 缸(gāng)
皮鞋pí xié皮鞋leather shoes
瓶子píng zi瓶子bottle; CL: 个(ge)
to ride (an animal or bike); to sit astride
起飞qǐ fēi起飛to take off (in an airplane)
奇怪qí guài奇怪strange; odd
起来qǐ lái起來beginning or continuing an action; upward movement; stand up
其实qí shí其實actually; in fact; really
其他qí tā其他other; the others; else; other than (that person); in addition to the person mentioned above
清楚qīng chu清楚(be) clear (about); clearly understood; clear; distinct
请假qǐng jià請假ask for time off
qiūautumn; fall; harvest time; a swing; surname Qiu
裙子qún zi裙子skirt; CL: 条(tiáo)
然后rán hòu然後then (afterwards); after that; afterwards; after
热情rè qíng熱情cordial; enthusiastic; passion; passionate; passionately
认为rèn wéi認為to believe; to think; to consider; to feel
认真rèn zhēn認真conscientious; earnest; serious; to take seriously; to take to heart
容易róng yì容易easy; likely; liable (to)
如果rú guǒ如果if; in case; in the event that
sǎnumbrella; parasol; CL: 把(bǎ)
上网shàng wǎng上網to be on the internet; to stretc.h a net (in a sports game or for covering something); to be netted (of fish)
生气shēng qì生氣angry; mad; offended; animated; to get angry; to be enraged; to take offense; animation
声音shēng yīn聲音voice; sound; CL: 个(ge)
shìto test; to try; experiment; examination; test
世界shì jiè世界world; CL: 个(ge)
shòutight; thin; lean
shùtree; CL: 棵(kē)
舒服shū fu舒服comfortable; feeling well
叔叔shū shu叔叔father's younger brother; uncle; CL: 个(ge)
数学shù xué數學mathematics; mathematical
刷牙shuā yá刷牙to brush teeth
shuāngpair; double; two; both
水平shuǐ píng水平level (of achievement etc.); standard; horizontal
司机sī jī司機chauffeur; driver; CL: 个(ge)
太阳tài yáng太陽sun; CL: 个(ge)
特别tè bié特別especially; special; particular; unusual
téng(it) hurts; love fondly; ache; pain; sore
提高tí gāo提高to raise; to increase
体育tǐ yù體育sports; physical education
tiáostrip; item; article; clause (of law or treaty); classifier for long thin things (ribbon, river, road, trousers etc.)
同事tóng shì同事colleague; co-worker; CL: 个(ge), 位(wèi)
同意tóng yì同意to agree; to consent; to approve
头发tóu fa頭髮hair (on the head)
突然tū rán突然sudden; abrupt; unexpected
图书馆tú shū guǎn圖書館library; CL: 家(jiā), 个(ge)
tuǐleg; CL: 条(tiáo)
wǎnbowl; cup; CL: 只(zhī), 个(ge)
wànten thousand; a great number
完成wán chéng完成complete; accomplish; perfect tense (grammar)
忘记wàng jì忘記to forget
wèibecause of; for; to
wèiposition; location; place; seat; classifier for people (honorific); classifier for binary bits (e.g. 十六位 16-bit or 2 bytes)
为了wèi le為了in order to; for the purpose of; so as to
文化wén huà文化culture; civilization; cultural; CL: 个(ge), 种(zhǒng)
习惯xí guàn習慣habit; custom; usual practice; to be used to; CL: 个(ge)
洗手间xǐ shǒu jiān洗手間toilet; lavatory; washroom
洗澡xǐ zǎo洗澡to bathe; to take a shower
xiānearly; prior; former; in advance; first
xiàng(look) like; similar (to); appearance; to appear; to seem; image; portrait; resemble; seem
xiàngdirection; orientation; to face; to turn toward; to; towards; shortly before; formerly; to side with; to be partial to; all along (previously); surname Xiang
香蕉xiāng jiāo香蕉banana; CL: 枝(zhī), 根(gēn), 个(ge), 把(bǎ)
相信xiāng xìn相信to believe; to be convinced (that something is true); to accept something as true
小心xiǎo xīn小心to be careful; to take care
校长xiào zhǎng校長(college, university) president; headmaster; CL: 个(ge), 位(wèi), 名(míng)
新闻xīn wén新聞news; CL: 条(tiáo),个(ge)
新鲜xīn xiān新鮮fresh (experience, food etc.); freshness
信用卡xìn yòng kǎ信用卡credit card
行李箱xíng lǐ xiāng行李箱suitcase
熊猫xióng māo熊貓panda; CL: 只(zhī)
需要xū yào需要to need; to want; to demand; needs; to require
选择xuǎn zé選擇to select; to pick; choice; option; alternative
要求yāo qiú要求to request; to require; to stake a claim; to ask; to demand; CL: 点(diǎn)
爷爷yé ye爺爺(informal) father's father; paternal grandfather; CL: 个(ge)
一般yī bān一般ordinary; common; general; generally; in general; same
一边yī biān一邊one side; either side; on the one hand; on the other hand; doing while
一定yí dìng一定surely; certainly; necessarily; fixed; a certain (extent etc.); given; particular; must
一共yī gòng一共altogether
一会儿yī huì er一會兒a while
以前yǐ qián以前before; formerly; previous; ago
一样yī yàng一樣same; like; equal to; the same as; just like
一直yī zhí一直straight (in a straight line); continuously; always; from the beginning of... up to...; all along
银行yín háng銀行bank; CL: 家(jiā), 个(ge)
饮料yǐn liào飲料(a) drink; beverage
音乐yīn yuè音樂music; CL: 张(zhāng), 曲(qǔ), 段(duàn)
应该yīng gāi應該ought to; should; must
影响yǐng xiǎng影響influence; effect; to influence; to affect (usually adversely); to disturb; CL: 股(gǔ)
yòngto use; to employ; to have to; to eat or drink; expense or outlay; usefulness; hence; therefore
yòu(once) again; also; both... and...; again
有名yǒu míng有名famous; well-known
游戏yóu xì遊戲game; play; CL: 场(chǎng)
遇到yù dào遇到to meet; to run into; to come across
yuánYuan (RMB); first; primary; basic
愿意yuàn yì願意to wish; to want; ready; willing (to do something)
yuèto exceed; to climb over; to surpass; the more... the more
月亮yuè liang月亮moon
zhànstation; to stand; to halt; to stop; branch of a company or organization
zhāngclassifier for flat objects, sheet; sheet of paper; classifier for votes; to open up; to spread
zhǎngelder; senior; to grow; to develop; to come into being; to acquire; to enhance; to increase
照顾zhào gu照顧to take care of; to show consideration; to attend to; to look after
着急zháo jí著急to worry; to feel anxious
照片zhào piàn照片photo; photograph; picture; CL: 张(zhāng), 套(tào), 幅(fú)
照相机zhào xiàng jī照相機camera; CL: 个(ge),架(jià), 部(bù), 台(tái), 只(zhī)
zhǐonly; just; merely; single; one-only
只有 / 才zhǐ yǒu / cái隻有 / 才only if… then…
zhǒngseed; species; kind; type; classifier for types, kinds, sorts
中间zhōng jiān中間between; intermediate; mid; middle
中文zhōng wén中文Chinese written language; Chinese writing; Chinese
重要zhòng yào重要important; significant; major
终于zhōng yú終於at last; in the end; finally; eventually
周末zhōu mò週末weekend
主要zhǔ yào主要main; principal; major; primary
注意zhù yì注意to take note of; to pay attention to
自己zì jǐ自己self; (reflexive pronoun); own
自行车zì xíng chē自行車bicycle; bike; CL: 辆(liàng)
总是zǒng shì總是always
zuǐmouth; beak; spout (of teapot etc.); CL: 张(zhāng), 个(ge)
最后zuì hòu最後final; last; finally; ultimate
最近zuì jìn最近recent; recently; these days; latest; soon; nearest (of locations); shortest (of routes)
作业zuò yè作業school assignment; homework; work; task; operation; to operate; CL: 个(ge)
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