HSK 3 Video Compilation Collection

This HSK Videos page is divided into three sections, here are jump links:

  • MandarinMania.com – Beautiful pictures and many different native voices accompany both videos. Choose from Hanzi only or Hanzi, English and Piyin. 
  • Everyday Easy Chinese – Vocabulary and example sentences for all HSK 3 Vocabulary Words.
  • Everyday Chinese – Vocabulary, separated by parts of speech,  and example sentences for all HSK 3 Vocabulary Words.
  • Mandarin Corner – Videos are separated into parts of speech and sample sentences are provided.

Help improve this page:  Tell me about great free learning videos or non-copyrighted materials you have found and they may be added in a future update.


English, Chinese & Pinyin

Chinese Characters Only

Everyday Easy Chinese

Everyday Chinese

Mandarin Corner

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